Day 322-324 Palenque to Sabancuy

4/5 Wed



I couldn't sleep well because of the heat and mosquitos. I woke up at 5am and left at 7. Trying to go further before it gets hot. There is one town in 110km. I haven't rode my bike for one month, ever since Cuba.




The weather forecast was right. The heat coming up from the ground made me feel as I was biking in a sauna. It's the humidity that makes it even worse.
I felt so sleepy that sometimes I found myself in the midline. Thanks god there were no cars.









I almost ran out of water 15km before the town, when I found a building. There are hardly any buildings nor even trees around here. I tried to hide myself in the shade when a man in the building came out and kindly invited me inside. He gave me iced water and fruits, and let me rest in an air-conditioner room. He seemed to me like a god. 





After an hour, I decided to stay in a gas station where they have showers and toilets.







I tried to cook dinner but I couldn't find my camping stove. I don't know where I lost it. I've lost so many things on my way... A camera, an iPad, a tent, another camera, and now a camping stove. Well... at least I haven't lost the most important thing yet.





I pitched my tent outside but a guy came to tell me sleep inside (in front of the toilets) because it's dangerous here. It was so hot inside, but it started raining after a while so I might be lucky.

I wonder if it's always hot like this.


 4/6 Thu




 It was so hot that I couldn't at all. I left around 7am again.

Its a nice cloudy day with sometime a shower of rain, which makes it much comfortable. However, the scenery doesn't change at all from yesterday. It's so boring. It's a nice road for meditating.



70km先のレストラン、Los Tucanesに到着。サンクリで出会い、わたしの先を走っているカナダ人チャリダーカップルに、ここでキャンプできると教えてもらった。プールもあり、孔雀がカジュアルにいる。しかもキャンプはタダ。なんですかここは天国ですか。とりあえず近くの湖で水浴びをしてからレストランで久しぶりに魚を食べた。


I arrived in a restaurant, Los Tucanes, where they have swimming pools and many peacocks. Rebekah and Nathan, a Canadian cyclist couple told me about this place where you can camp for free.

I enjoyed having a relaxing time eating at the restaurant, drinking beer, and watching the peacocks.










I also ate dinner so I spent almost as much as staying in a hostel.

It's too bad that I lost my stove. I bought expensive camping gas and rice but now I have no way to cook it.




At midnight I woke up again because it was so hot, and I jumped into the swimming pool to cool down and layed down beside my tent. Sure enough I was favored by the mosquitos.



4/7 Fri



So I got so many bites on my face that I could hardly open my eyes.

I was listening to music and practicing dancing so I missed the turnoff and had a 15km loss.





I found a woman selling empanadas on the way. She was with her friend, who gave me fried bananas. They asked me if I am single, and they each recommended their brother or son, and asked me to choose either of them. So funny people.f:id:mayataro811:20170501210641j:image




I arrived at a small town Sabancuy.

I found a nice bakery, and went to the cheapest hostel he told me. It was 250pesos, a little bit on the pricy side for me, but sometimes it's better to rest especially because I haven't slept well for the last few nights.






I thought they have nice seafood because it is a town on the coast, but I was disappointed to find out that the shrimp were frozen...





I was on the way back to the hostel when a lady and her daughter talked to me. She asked me if Japanese eat mice and frogs, and I told her that's not general. (Though I have eaten it)



 I hope I can sleep well tonight!!