Day 282-284 Santa Clara to Varadero

2/23 Thu


50km to the next town, Remedios.

I feel the drivers in Cuba are kind to the cyclists, maybe because they are used to the horse cars and bike taxis (which are slower and wider than the bikes).




There was a fruit stand on the way. I wanted to try the fruta bomba, but I gave up because it was heavy.



Guava juice, yogurt, guava, guava juice, pizza, ice cream... This is what I had from the morning. But it is still less than a dollar.


レメディウスに1時過ぎに到着。ここからさらに60kmぐらい先にCayo Santa María という島の上にあるビーチがものすごーく美しいらしい。島だけど橋ではなく、海の上を道が通っている。どんなふうになっているのか興味が湧き、途中まで行くことにした。



We arrived in Remedios at 1pm, and headed to Cayo Santa Maria, where there is a beautiful beach. We actually didn`t go to the island, but went because we were curious to see the road (not a bridge) on the sea.

No pics





On the way back, there was a Guanapera again. This time the people were squeezing the juice pit from the sugar cane. Not as grassy as the one I had the day before.  It was so good that I had two glasses.




We had dinner at the restaurant in the Plaza with live music.




A guy I met at the plaza took me to have some beer. He said that 100 thousand people ran out of Cuba last year, and this is more than the sum of last 15 years. Many people want to get out of Cuba, but the law changed on January and no more people are alowed to enter the US. 




From tomorrow, we are going to take a minor route to Varadero. I can see some small villages on the map, but the lady in the hostel said there are no places to stay nor eat...


2/24 Fri


We tried to leave early, but I forgot my socks in the hostel and ended up leaving as usual.

I had a guava, a egg sandwich, and a fried fish sandwich on the way. 





I was so amazed to see a man fixing a lighter.






The road today is hardly any tourists, and people are very friendly.  When we came across a old man, he opened his arms and said "Bienvenidos!!". I was so happy.




Many people gave me lots of stuff.

I tried to take a pictures of a man harvesting sugar canes, and he gave me a sugar cane, some tomatoes and peppers. I was astonished to see the men weaving garlic, and the man gave me some garlic too.









I didn't know that you can paper diapers are reusable...




We arrived to Sagua la Grande. We were worried about our place to stay, but we were lucky to find It.






It`s not a touristic town, and I think I would have ever came if I wasn`t traveling on my bike, but it is actually a neat town with a big river and several churches.




We asked the guy in the hostel for fried chicken, and we cooked the vegetables. The chicken was fried for about 40 minutes and it was the crispiest chicken I`ve ever had.





We were walking the town and found a stand.  A man came and somehow bought me a glass of juice. He asked me if I like Cuba or not, and I said yes, but he said he doesn`t. People are unhappy about the goverment, because they only can earn 2 dollars a day. I felt bad that he bought me a drink.


2/25 Sat


We want to get as close as possible to Varadero. Breakfast, pizza, ice cream. a cookie called Africanita, and milk shake. Eating so much again.




Cuban dogs are so cute.





Ready for the Chicken fight







 After 104km, I realized that my spoke broke again. I was wondering what to do because there is 12km more to the next town, when we saw a massive birthday party going on. We were invited to the party, and were surprised to see that it was for a 1 year old boy. There were so many people that I think it might be more than the population of the village.





The man gave us food and drinks, and said that his friend has a room so we can stay there. We were supposed to do more, but as my spoke broke, we decided to stay there.



There were other friends when we arrived to the Casa, and they all helped me fixing my bike. At the end they took my wheel to another friends house. So nice.



We also ordered dinner. Beef stake with salad and rice. Most of the meat in Cuba is pork or chicken, and they dont eat much beef. I heard before that it is because a cow is a sacred animal, and I thought its prohibited to eat it, but actually its only prohibited to bucher it, and no problem if you buy it at the supermarket. I think it is something like Haral.




It was fun having dinner together. But when we were talking after dinner, suddenly one of the couple started fighting, and everyone left without having time to say goodbye. We had no idea what was going on. Cubanos son muy caliente...




Oh well... tomorrow by the way, we are going to the resort town Varadero! I can't wait to see the Caribean blue ocean, white sand and the All-inclusive hotel!!