Day 176-179 Bella Vista to Mendoza


11/9 Wed



Climing 700m within 35km. I'm not good at these kind of climbs. They are so fast that l have to try hard to keep up. It's a good training for me.







We had lunch at the 2600m peak. There is a monument on the peak, and people leave many things there, but it looks like a garbage pit. I wonder why they don't make it look nicer.






After the peak it's all downhill to 1600m. We camped at a hamlet. Many chickens and dogs.


11/10 Thu

この日も朝から登り。先に出たのにあっという間に追い抜かれる。そして2時間ほど走ったところでSan Juanへの分かれ道。昨日までは考えもしていなかったけど、最後にアルゼンチンらしいことをしたいなという思いもあり、急遽San JuanからMendozaに抜けることにした。LeaとDerkに別れを告げ、道を下る。2人と走った数日間。いつも背中を追いかけていたけど、親のように見守ってもらって頼もしかった。ありがとう!


Climing again. I left earlier, but they easily overtook me. After 2 hours, there came a branch to San Juan. I didn't even think about it until yesterday, but I decided to go through San Juan and Mendoza. I said bye to Lea and Derk. They were so reliable. Thank you!!


San Juanは久しぶりの都会だった。おまけに標高が一気に下がったので暑い。地図上のキャンプ場をいくつか周ったが、いずれもキャンプはできないと言われ、たどり着いたのは何かの工場。もう日も傾いて途方に暮れていたところ、工場のおじさんが哀れんでキャンプさせてくれた。ありがとうございます。。


San Juan was a big city, and I had a hard time finding places to stay. I checked in few campsites on my map, but none of them accepted me. I ended up in front of a factory and the man kindly let me camp there.




11/11 Fri

San Juanの南10kmぐらいにオーガニックのシャンパン農場があることを知り、そこへ向かう。8時過ぎに着くとまだ工場は閉まっていて、9時に開くとのこと。1時間弱なのでどうしようかと迷ったけど、せっかくなので待つことにした。これが大正解。




I found a nice organic champanera close to the town.
The owner was very nice and he kindly showed me how to make the champagne and let me taste it as well.

They also grow tomatoes below the grapes, and everything was delicious.







They plow the vineyards with a horse. Super cool!!


この農場に寄れただけでもわざわざSan Juanに来た甲斐があった。


It was worth coming to San Juan just for this champanera.



San Juan からMendozaにむかうRuta40は交通量が多く、路肩も狭くて危ないので、この日はできればヒッチハイクしようと考えていた。



Ruta 40 from San Juan to Mendoza has a lot of traffic and little shoulder, so I decided to hitchhike. I got many rides but it was actually my first time to hitchhike. It's pretty difficult.







After 15minutes, a car stopped in front of me. Andy and Agueda, a nice couple who were heading back to Mendoza. They were so kind that they offered me some bread and mate as well. Agueda's original mate, with herbs that she grows in her own garden, was super tasty. She even gave me a bag for a souvenir.

When I tried to get off close to the town of Mendoza, they invited me to have lunch together, and I went to their parent's house.


Milanesa というアルゼンチン版トンカツとマッシュポテト&パンプキン。ニンニクとイタリアンパセリが効いていてとてもおいしかった。



Milanesa is a typical Argentina food. It was very tasty.

The lovely family even offered me to stay at their house. 







They had a surprise party for their friend's birthday. The garage turned into a restaurant. Asado is an Argentinan BBQ. I haven't had so much meat for a long time, since I've been eating only vegetarian in Argentina.

The party started at 11pm, and after dancing, singing, drinking and so on... I went to bed at 2am, but the party continued until 5am.

Argentinan people are so energetic!!





11/12 Sat



I got an advice from a Ciclist to change my gears, and Andi took me to a

nice bike shop. I was lucky to find a perfect gear, and they also did all the maintenance for me. Now I can climb the Andes!!







Andi and Agueda left to Chile, but they let me stay at their house for another night. They had a pizza party at their friend's house, and I made some nikujyaga (without niku) to thank them.







I feel so greatful to meet these lovely people for my last days in Argentina.

Muchas gracias por todo!!