まやたろの体当たり日記 Wanderlust


Day 30 Lincoln City to Beachside State Park

にほんブログ村 自転車ブログ 海外サイクリングへ

6/16 Thu

78.5km 5h


I woke up and saw my bags messed up. It was the raccoons that Jan told me yesterday. I thought that I put all my food in my tent, but forgot about the dried fruits which were in my front bag. Well, they are much more clever than me.



Lisa is a cute, friendly and smart girl from San Francisco. She also started from Vancouver by herself, and came through almost the same route I took. I had never seen girls alone, so I was so lucky to meet her!

Jan is from Belgium. He is full of passion and knows many things. He is also heading to San Francisco, and he joins us for a while. It's so fun to have accompany!!

昼食後にエスプレッソを飲みながら「エスプレッソの起源を知ってるかい?」とJan。「昔イタリアでひどい干ばつがあったときに、水を節約しようとして生まれたのがエスプレッソなんだよ」彼はウンチクが好きなようで、前日もRaspberry beerを取り出し、「このビールはベルギーのこの川にしか住んでいない微生物によって発酵されるから、他の地域では作れないんだよ」と教えてくれた。(ちなみにこのビールがめちゃくちゃおいしかった!)

"Do you know the origin of Espresso?" Jan asked us when he was drinking Espresso after lunch. "There was a terrible drought in Italy, and they tried to conserve water." Jan knows so many things like this. He also taught us that the Raspberry beer is made by a special kind of bacteria that only lives in that part of Belgium. (And that beer was super tasty!!)


Dao, who was on the same campsite, had met with Jan before, and Jan was telling us that "There is a guy who is carrying all the camping gear, but always sleeps in the motel if the weather forecast says it might rain." So when we saw him, we couldn't help laughing. Dao injured his knee, but he was always joking. He is a super positive friendly guy.


Gunter, from Germany, was using the biggest tent I've ever seen. He said it weighs 6kg! Oh my gosh! He also ate so much Bacon eggs for breakfast and pasta for dinner to carry everything.

夕飯にJanがブルスケッタを作ってくれた。 Jan made us Bruscheta!

この日泊まったBeachside State Parkはその名の通り、海の側だったのでみんなで夕日を見た。 「もし10億円あったとしても、オレはこれがしたい!最高だぜ!」とDao。愛すべき男だ。

Beachside State Park is really on the beachside, so we went to the beach to see the sunset. "If I had a billion dollars, I would still do this!!" said Dao. He is a super positive lovely guy.

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